South Coast Snake Catchers Services


South Coast Snake Catchers was created to branch off from Snake Aware Venomous Reptile and Wildlife Management as a reptile rescue and relocation service solely dedicated to removing unwanted reptiles, providing site inspections and of course reptilian advice to the residential and commercial entities on the NSW South Coast.

Removal and relocation

Our removal and relocation service is not limited to just snakes, it also encompasses our other reptilian neighbours such as the large Lace monitor (Goanna) which can be a daunting visitor to some.

Site Inspections

If you are concerned about snakes or other wildlife taking up residence on your property we also offer site inspections. Site inspections include a thorough search of the premises in which potential entry points, attractants and possible hides are identified. Findings as well as recommended solutions are then presented to the owner in a report.

General advice

If you have seen a snake on your property or even just out and about and you have managed to snap a quick pic and don’t know what species you have seen or whether it is venomous or not, then please send it through to us and we will get back to you ASAP with the identification of the species you have just encountered.

Snakes fascinate, whether through fear or passion so it is natural that people often have questions and queries they want answered. Here at South Coast Snake Catchers we are more than happy to advise and answer any questions people may have about snakes.

Snake Aware

Snake Aware Venomous Reptile and Wildlife Management is our educational branch of the company. We conduct snake awareness presentations for schools, employees and social clubs. Presentations are made to suit all target audiences and fulfill desired learning outcomes. View Snake Aware Website

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