About South Coast Snake Catchers


As owner/operator of South Coast Snake Catchers and Snake Aware Venomous Reptile and Wildlife Management I am dedicated to fostering a harmonious relationship between people and reptiles. I believe education is paramount in growing understanding and acceptance of our native reptiles, including our venomous snakes.

I have been involved with venomous snakes, other reptiles and wildlife for over 10 years. During this time I have been involved in various wildlife rehabilitation societies as a rescuer/carer and also as reptile coordinator. I have attained numerous certificates and qualifications to enhance my knowledge, as well as having a Bachelor of Science in Zoology.


  • A casual role as a presenter displaying reptiles at shopping centres
  • Advanced python, lizard and turtle care course
  • Venomous snake and crocodile care course
  • Certificate 2 in animal studies
  • Venomous catch and release course
  • Advanced venomous snake husbandry course
  • Bachelor of science zoology (Majoring in conservation biology and general biology)
  • Fully licensed by the office of environment and heritage under the National Parks and wildlife act 1974

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